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    This year marks around the 25th year my family tree has been in progress.  Way before Internet access and  My brother built the base information from the family bible, records offices in the cities our family was known to live, and cemetaries.  While building the main branches was the goal, a primary focus we my great grandfather on my father's side.  We only had the family "story", but could not verify it.  The growth of the tree pretty much hit a wall at just under 300 entries.

    Along comes the Internet, and  The ability to research, compare, and verify information.  The ability to collaborate with others building their tree.  Ancestors were being found and verified.  Census informaiton seems to be one of my best research tools.  While I was able to build my tree with the free account, it did not offer me access to records or global info.  The membership made the difference.  Growth of the tree was off and running.  Entries at this point were around 2100.

    DNA Kit.  Yup.  The next step.  I thought this would help me connect to family over seas perhaps.  Learn my genetic makeup.  Find family.  It has done that!  With that said, be careful what you ask for.  Because I guarantee you that you will learn more than you expect.  I did not realize how many of my connections were using the DNA kit to find parents.  Things I took for granted?  I have personally helped cousins find and connect to parents, half siblings, and 1st cousins.  Entries now - 4400!

    However, we have still not progressed any farther on my great grandfather.  We can find no information on him prior to his joinng the military.  The search continues...


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